Are you looking for beautiful jewellery (or jewelry, if you're American) that's easy to wear? Is feminine but not too girly? Then you're in the right place! I make modern jewellery from recycled and Fairtrade metals, that looks delicate, flowing and feminine but isn't all hearts and flowers. My style is more DMs, men's trousers and vintage tees than high heels and full-on glamour; this is something I reflect in the jewellery I design and make.

All my pieces are designed to be worn day-to-night and can be worn by themselves or layered up depending on the look you're going for. I believe that more is more when it comes to jewellery but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.

I make jewellery as I love it and I want people to have access to beautiful handmade items that let them express who they are. I hate fast fashion, what it stands for and the impact it has on individuals, communities and the environment that's why I use recycled and Fairtrade metals, ethically sourced gemstones and make sure that my packaging is made from recycled materials that are recyclable. Beyond this I don’t use harsh chemicals, my pickle is made from salt and vinegar (yes it does smell) and source my electricity from a renewable energy supplier.

My inspirations are nature and architecture and how they work together, think flowers growing through the cracks in the pavement and ivy on an old abandoned factory. I design mostly design in collections - the city I live in (The Sheffield Dot Collection),  my favourite piece of brutalist architecture (Streets in the Sky Collections) but I also make one-off pieces usually from gemstones I've collected along the way. 

I've been making jewellery for 15 year. I spent a long time working in marketing before setting up my own business in 2017, for anyone that knows me it's much more my jam! If there’s something specific that you’d like for a special occasion, wedding, birthday, christening or just a treat for you then all you have to do is email me your ideas and we can work from there.