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Who or what is Nikola Evfrosine Jewellery? It’s is me, Nikola; Evfrosine is my middle name and is pronounced Ef - fro - see - nee. Now we’ve got that covered and you know what I’m called and that I make jewellery, I can move on to the more interesting (it’s debatable, you can decide) stuff that will give you an idea of how I work and what I create.

I’m a jewellery designer, making silver and gold jewellery in Sheffield from recycled metals. I’ve been forging, casting, cutting and polishing silver and gold since 2005, when I did a course in metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University, and I love it as much now as I did then.

I’m a big fan of chunky silver designs and I seem to have an obsession with circles and dots, they’ve been appearing in my art since I can remember and most of jewellery designs use them; sometimes you just have to go with what you like. So if you like modern jewellery that’s easy to wear but makes a statement then you’re in the right place.

I design my jewellery in collections based on places that inspire me; my local running route (the Porter Valley Collection); the city I live in(Sheffield Dot); things I see in nature; and destinations on the ever expanding wonder-lust list. Most are silver but I do like a cheeky bit of mixed metal, so you’ll see the occasional gold detail. I also work with gold but this is mostly on a commission basis or for limited collections.

I believe that we have to make conscious choices in the things that we buy, taking into account what it’s made from, who made it and what impact that has on our environment and society. That's why I use as much recycled metal as I can and that my packaging is made from recycled materials that are recyclable. Beyond this I don’t use harsh chemicals, my pickle is made from salt and vinegar (yes it does smell) and I use eggs to oxidise silver (that’s also quite an intense aroma).

Take a look at the collections, if there’s something specific that you’d like for a special occasion, wedding, birthday, christening or just a treat for you then just email me your ideas.