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Full and Crescent Moon Double Sided Recycled Silver Necklace

Image of Full and Crescent Moon Double Sided Recycled Silver Necklace

Can't decide whether you’re more drawn to the full or crescent moon? No matter, this necklace has both, one on each side and can be worn either way round. There’s a textured full moon on one side and a cut-out crescent moon on the other.

The textured full moon was created by fusing silver dust to a thick silver circle, this technique creates random patterns and textures depending on how the dust falls. The crescent moon is a cut-out on the back of the bezel setting, which has a lovely three-dimensional look. This gorgeous pendant is hung on a simple and delicate extendable chain (16-18 inches), so you can wear it at the length that suits you best.

Each necklace is handmade and therefore totally unique.

As part of the Lunar Collection, these necklaces celebrate the beauty of the moon, it's energy and how it defines so much of our day-to-day lives from tides, to harvests and our moods. I think that silver is the ideal material to capture this beauty, as it has a soft luminous quality just like the moon.