Delicate Silver Bobbly Water Cast Ring

Delicate Silver Bobbly Water Cast Ring

£87.00 GBP

This beautiful delicate water cast ring really makes a statement for such a intricate piece of jewellery. Made from water cast droplets soldered into this design, this ring reminds me of crinkled sweet wrappers or the peaks of meringues, but you might see something different. Either was it really catches the light!

What is water casting? I hear you cry. Water casting is the process of pouring molten metal, in this case silver, into water. What the metal hits the surface of the water it forms organic shapes, including, cups, droplets, squiggles and blobs. Not all the pieces can be used (they simply get used in the next cast) and no two pieces are ever exactly the same; like snowflakes.

If you like simple easy-to-wear jewellery that’s a bit different then this silver ring is for you. Simple enough to be worn every day but abstract enough in design to really make a statement; a win-win in anyone’s books. And, it's one of my designs that I wear everyday, even years after designing it.


- Made from recycled sterling silver
- The band is 1.5mm silver wire, which makes the ring delicate and easy to wear
- Height of the design is 0.5cm

This ring is available in a UK size M, if you would like it resizing please email me before purchase.


This item will be dispatched within 2-3 working days via first class tracked post.

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