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Recycled Silver Simple Moon Outline Earrings

Image of Recycled Silver Simple Moon Outline Earrings

If you're looking for simple round silver earrings then look no further! Usually I'm a more-is-more kind of designer but sometimes you have to go simple; these earrings are that! Made from recycled silver these gorgeous hoops sit flat to the ear in a retro style (think of those lovely 1960s button earrings) and are inspired by the outline of the full moon.

These silver earrings are part of the new Lunar Collection; over 2020 I've found a new love for the moon, maybe I've just had more time to look at it, or maybe it's looked clearer. Either way I've felt very in-tune with it, and wanted to created a collection that combined textures like the surface of the moon (how I imagine it, I’ve never touched it, obviously!) and showcased the beautiful moon-like glow of silver.

These earrings are super lightweight, are 2cm in diameter and have a pin and butterfly back so they're nice and secure.