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Small Delicate Recycled Silver Water Cast Earrings

Image of Small Delicate Recycled Silver Water Cast Earrings

Beautiful and delicate recycled silver earrings made from water cast pieces; each pair is unique as the casting process creates unlimited organic shapes (water casting is when molten metal, in this case silver, is poured into water).

Larger than a stud earrings, but not as huge statement earrings, these silver earrings are an excellent choice for a bit of everyday glamour. The surface texture on water cast pieces is irregular, so they catch the light beautifully. I think the surface texture looks like crinkled sweet wrappers, pebbles, or occasionally tree-bark.

Please note that each pair is different; they will look similar to these but they won’t be exactly these ones - as mentioned all the pieces that come out are unique and organic in shape.

The fronts are made form 100% recycled silver, I can't guarantee the backs of the earrings are made from recycled silver; I’m working on it though ...