Ethical Modern Jewellery


Tiny Recycled Silver Water Cast Earrings

Image of Tiny Recycled Silver Water Cast Earrings

These tiny little stud earrings are made from recycled silver and are a modern twist on the traditional silver stud earring as they have an irregular surface created by the water casting process.

Made by pouring molten silver into water each piece that appears is totally unique! These amazing little earrings really catch the light; the surface texture is uneven so you get some lovely reflections, making them the ideal thing for those of you who like your jewellery to be a bit different but not too overstated.

These little studs are super feminine and delicate and would be an ideal pair of earrings for everyday wear, or as a present for a child or teenager who needs a simple pair of earrings.

Please note that each pair is different; they will look like this but they won’t be exactly these ones - But they will be roughly the size of a standard stud earring.

I can’t guarantee that the pins or backs are made from recycled silver but the fronts of the earrings are 100% recycled silver.